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Jim Rodda, better known as hobbyist 3D printer Zheng3, recently completed work on these awesomely elaborate Barbie-compatible 3D-printed suits of medieval armor. The project was crowdfunded through Rodda’s Faire Play Kickstarter project. The suit of golden parade armor is made of over 40 difference pieces, including a winged helmet, feathered tassets and a detailed coat of arms.

Click here for additional photos and process information.

[via io9]

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Operation make Baby ‘Groot’ is in full swing here at Tuckshop HQ (my living room!)

There is still time to pre-order one, but they are going fast …..

1) place a Pre-Order via my etsy shop

2) I will make your Baby Groot to order over the next few days and get it off to you as soon as possible x

3) Terms and Conditions; you have to promise to give Baby Groot a loving home and talk and dance with him everyday!

Order here:

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The Felyne accessories you need for your 3DS XL ⊟

In one convenient package, you get a case, cover, front panel sticker, and screen cleaner, all making sure you have no chance of not looking at a Monster Hunter Felyne at any given moment. If you like cats, but didn’t like the Nyan cases, here you go.

The set ships in October from Play-Asia for $30. There’s also a plain Monster Hunter 4G set, I guess.

BUY Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, upcoming games

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